Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Hope

Hope? What is hope? Of course, all that I know is that hope is a four letter word. That it's also hard to have hope in ourselves. All there is to it is that to not give up on that hope that you have. The hope that you have can bring you many things in your life. Hope is all around you and if you can't see it then maybe you're not looking hard enough or not believing enough that you already have it in you. There are many things that can bring you that hope. Your family, friends, person you love, someone who is famous, a story, a painting, an animal, a poem, the outside world can bring you that hope. Hope is something that is inside you all, it's what tells you what you can do in order to be more of yourself. Of course, it's hard not to have hope because not everyone in this world has hope but I do know that you can have that hope. Hope is a word that inspires you to be more of yourselves so that you won't fall down when you are walking on that pathway. Restoring that hope is not always easy. It actually takes the time to get that hope going up and running so it's better to be patience when getting that hope's up. Though it's true that the hope that you have can get lost in its way. By getting bullied, or lost confidence in yourself, or having doubts in some way that hope tends to lose its way towards you. Though there are many people besides you that can help you restore that hope. What gives me that hope is being beside the people I love most, by looking at a beautiful painting and reading a book that interests me most, words itself can bring me hope. In my whole life ever since I was little I was such a shy, quiet type of girl. I didn't really have the confidence and didn't have much hope that I would be ever to survive life since I didn't talk to people much, I was always somewhat alone, and I would be always left behind. Though when I started actually talking to people my age and started having real friends I started having the hope that I needed to make new friends and to talk to new people and to be more open with myself. Little by little I started having friends all around me saying hi to me and goodbye and to hang out with. Now that I'm in Highschool I now still have that hope inside me making me more of myself than ever.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Happiness? What is the meaning of happiness to me? In all my life I've always wondered what happiness can do for me or if I could truly be happy. To me being happy with others and making new memories are what I think happiness is. In life, not everyone can have happiness or have true happiness. Though by just trying to do your best in what you can achieve on and find new opportunities can make you happy. Happiness is the emotions we have and feel when experiencing something new. Happiness can be important is some people's aspect but there many people out there who don't really seem whether or not they can obtain happiness. Though if you were to wait maybe somehow there can be a way to make you or that person experience happiness though you can't always force someone to have happiness. Happiness is something that takes the time to experience, it's also a way to learn new things. Anyone can or will get happiness one way or another, there are even times when people in your life who are special to you can make you happy or make you even shed tears of happiness.  again there are lots of people in the world right now who don't have happiness or don't even know what happiness is. It might be how they were treated as a person, their childhood life, their past, or something even more horrific has happened to them. We might not know that but it's somehow our job to make that person feel and experience happiness.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Hidden Memories of Her Past Background information

The Hidden Memories of Her Past is about a young girl named Hikaru. In this story, Hikaru is a young girl who lives in the city of Koi. Hikaru was made as a girl who had lost her memories. In this story, Hikaru travels with her friend Shin in order to find out the nightmares that she has really means. In her journey, she meets new people and crosses through absolute dangers. To know more then please read my story The Hidden Memories of Her Past.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Who Are You

   Hi, my name is Emily, I am a fifteen-year-old in high school. Right now I'm a sophomore but apparently for my height or how I look people easily mistaken me as a freshman though I would understand why. You could say that I'm a shy, quiet girl on the outside but on the inside, I could be one weird, fun and vicious girl. So if you want to know me on the inside then come at me. My friends all seem to like me for who I am and so do I, which I don't see as a bad thing. I'm a person who would like you for who you are and not as someone else. I'm really caring and supportive, active but at the same time really lazy, kind and vicious. 

   My favorite hobbies are playing flag football, drawing, writing and being very creative. Drawing is something I really like because it's one of the things that I could really express my feelings and my emotions on. Writing is also another thing that I could express my feelings and creativity. Things that I like are cute things, food, sweets, clothes, jewelry, scary movie only certain ones, flowers, Hawaii, shave ice, anime, K-pop, and J-pop. Things that I dislike coconut, dark chocolate, avocado, and spiders. My dream jobs are becoming a veterinarian or a journalist, personally, I would pick becoming a veterinarian because throughout my whole life I was always surrounded by animals since I was a kid. My family and I always had dogs about 6 or 5, 24 cockatiels, and 6 turtles. Apparently, it always turns out that I have to take care of them by myself .   

   I'm also a type of person who doesn't really use and media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat. For me, it's just that I can't really trust myself having in my life. To everyone, it's something that means everything to them but to me, they don't have any special meaning. Everyone seems to always have to show people what they are doing or what they did like every. To me just telling that person myself what I did is better than just posting it online to where everyone can see. People seem to see me as a boring person but to me, it's them who seem to be boring to me. Though there are people who like me as who I am and that's what makes me feel like I'm an important person. So this is how I would explain myself as a person, hope you enjoyed my story. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stereotype and Misperception

How I've Met Stereotype and Misperception

    For all these years in my life, I have never heard the words Stereotype nor Misperception before. I've never before used these type of words in my life. Maybe I have but just never noticed that these two words are what I'm speaking to about other people. To me these words themselves are words that I never would use on someone unless if it was true. These words sometimes have no meaning to me because sometimes they are used for as something that would hurt my feelings but sometimes don't. Sometimes I ask myself why would people or myself use these kinds of words. Then that's when I noticed that the words we see now are words that are used to betray others, to make them feel horrible about themselves, do it for fun, to make people feel that they have no meaning to life.

   For I myself have used these words on many people before and I to was stereotyped. People who are around me always think that I'm really smart just because of my race. I always think to myself why do people see me as someone who is smart, just because I do my work doesn't mean I'm smart. There are also people who ask me about my race like are you Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, just because I look like it. Though my answer for them is always why would you want to know or no I'm just simply Phillipino. People seem to see me as a simple, weak type of girl or that I'm always shy. Though in my mind I always tell myself they don't know who I am, they don't know who I can really be, they just haven't seen the other side me that's all.
A lot of people seem to judge me in many ways and not knowing who I really am. 

   To me I want to show people who I can really be, I want them to know me, not to judge me just because of my race but for them to know my true self. Of course, I myself have stereotyped someone before many times but at the same time, I try not do it as much. So this is how I've met with Stereotype and Misperception.   


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What Is Beautiful

 The Beauty of Unrequited Love 

We all have times when we fall in love with a person. Though there are the impossible and the possible of having a real true relationship. There are times when we could be so close to them but at the same time so far away. There are times when we think that they are the true one but then they turn out to be something else.
Though it's hard to fall in love with a person even when it's the first ever time you've ever felt something like this. There are times when we all imagine when(what) it feels like to ever fall in love with that person. For all of us, we all have those times when we get this feeling like any other person would get and that feeling is what you call love. When it comes to figuring out whether you know who that person really is though its hard for all of us to come up to the one we really like though for some of us it's not. We all try to figure out whether that person is really smart, funny or if they have a girlfriend or a boyfriend if the person you like is a boy or a girl, we all do the similar things any other person would do in order to fall in love.  

Though the hard part about falling in love is confessing your love because that's when you could actually know whether that person likes you or not. for some of us it's easy to confess our feelings to a person but for those who are really shy and anxious we all get afraid of being turned down or laughed at though it can't always be easy choosing someone to be your first true love when sometimes it doesn't go the way you want it to be. We all have these kinds of situations from time to time. There are times when we think that it's impossible to ever make this person to ever like you but if you at least try maybe it will turn around. 

 If we all could just let our crushes know what our feelings for them could make us at least a bit happy cause you know what even though our first confession turned out to be a failure at least we gave our best to at least tell that person that we love them. There are times when we can't forget about them or let them go but we all sometimes hide that feeling somewhere in our hearts even when we can't be with that person and that's what an unrequited love is about. For at least having an unrequited love is something that makes everyone special in a way we all can't explain but it's something everyone goes through with life. The beauty of having an unrequited love is something that I call beautiful.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Someone Who I Admire Is My Dearest Friend Angelica

  To me, there are lots and lots of people who I admire. They are people who are in anime's, tv shows, and those who are in my family or teachers who I've met during the years I've spent in school. Though if I were to pick one person who I really admire, that person could only be my one of my dearest friends Angelica.
  Angelica herself works harder than anyone else, she always tries to do new things each year, always doing her work, and always wanting to do things right in order to get a good enough grade. That's what I really admire about her. To me I see Angelica having a high paying job, always doing things on time, entering college, and making her dreams come true. Even though with myself, I know I can't always be just like Angelica. I'm always slacking off, not finishing my work, and always distracting myself and always pretending that I'm always ok when there are times when I'm not. Though I know I'm not like Angelica and that I can't always act like her. 

  We both have our own differences, though we have so much in common with each other. Angelica can really interact with others depending on who they are or someone who's just like her and I myself is really shy and has a hard time interacting with others. So that's why I admire Angelica, she's an example of a person who I can be if I put in the effort and time doing it. She's someone who I can rely on when I have a hard time or someone to always have my back, so that's why all this time we've spent together in school we became really close friends and that's why I chose her as someone who I really admire.